How to Get a Google Fax Number Without Complicated Set Ups

google fax numberA free Google fax number will allow you to receive and send fax from your Gmail account. Email fax services gladly give you a free online fax number with no maintenance fees, like the name says, it’s free!

You can have a Google fax to email service by integrating your online fax service with your Gmail account and doing this is very easy. There are no complicated set ups or configurations to worry about.

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When you sign up with a Google fax service you will be able to pick your free internet fax number (some providers offer a local or toll-free number). Although this number is based online, you can receive and send email to any fax machine, anywhere in the world.

How Your Gmail Fax Number Works

After you sign up you can begin start using your free fax number by simply creating a new email and instead of placing an email in the “To” field, you will be placing the fax number followed by the providers server (this will be supplied to you after you sign up).

receive-fax-google For example if you sign up with RingCentral you would enter the fax number followed by, so it would be or another example, remember to include the area code.

Then you canĀ  include any attachments by simply attaching documents to the email and when you are ready just click send and your fax is automatically sent.

Can I Use My Current Fax Number?

Yes, internet faxing services now allow you to use your current number with their service so that you can continue doing business without having to worry about updating all your information. This is called “number porting” and what it basically does is digitalize your fax number so that your incoming faxes can be forwarded as email.

The entire process could take up to 10 days, but this gives your number time to propagate and make sure that it is working properly. In the meantime most online fax providers will give you a temporary fax number.

Can My Number Be Linked to Several Emails?

Yes, because most providers will let you forward your faxes to more than one email if needed. This can come in very handy if you need faxes your faxes automatically sent to other contacts in your business, which saves you time from having to manually forward it to them.

Can I use my Google Voice Number?

Yes! There has been a lot of methods and suggestions on how to use a Google Voice number for faxing but unfortunately Google does not offer a fax service. However, I have personally taken my Google Voice number and transferred it to my RingCentral Office service, so now I can use the same number to receive/send faxes and also make and get calls without having to worry about having a busy line. Note, you have to use RingCentral Office for this feature.

How to Receive Fax Online

To receive a fax you just have to set up your account to forward incoming faxes to your e-mail(s). Once this is set up your received faxes will be automatically sent to your email and you will receive it has a PDF attachment.

Personally I am a RingCentral user so here is a quick example of how the set up process would go with this service (if you use another provider the process will be similar).

If you don’t set this up with RingCentral you will just receive an email notification of a received fax and you can log-in to your online dashboard to view it. Once you configure these settings you will receive the actual fax as a PDF attachment to your email. Here is an image of how to get it configured.


Using fax over internet services provides you with a lot of features that make faxing fast and easy without having to pay more. It’s easy to get started and only takes a few minutes to sign-up and be ready to send a fax from Google.