You will be happy to know that it IS possible to receive a fax in your Gmail or any other email accounts. In fact not only can you receive fax but you can also send fax from gmail.

The picture below is an example for RingCentral users, but the steps are similar with other services as well.

receive fax gmaill

After signing up with the provider of your choice, all you need to do is find the settings area in your online dashboard and enter in the email you would like your incoming faxes forwarded to.

In the case of the picture above from the RingCentral dashboard, you can opt to receive faxes via email and also as a text message.

If you aren’t sure about which email fax service to use then you’ve got nothing to worry about, just check out the home page for reviews on the top providers.

Most email fax services will allow you to receive AND send faxes. These services charge you a low monthly fee and in addition you can also fax from your cell phone and have access to tools such as broadcast faxing, electronic signature and online fax storage. These services are a great business fax solution yet they are affordable enough for anyone who needs to fax.

Many services also give you a free fax number when you sign up, this works just like any other fax number (it can be local or toll-free or you can keep your current fax number) and all faxes sent to this number will be sent to you via email to your gmail account.

I only want to receive fax and not send…

If you just want to receive fax to gmail and do not need to send faxes very often then your best option is to go with OneSuite Internet Fax which allows users to pay-as-you-go. You can receive unlimited faxes for just $1 a month! If you need to send a fax you can pay per page.